Artis Open Fireplace Barbecue




70cm WIDE  |  $2,999

80cm WIDE  |  $3,399

100cm WIDE  |  $3,999

Experience the enchantment of an open fireplace that not only provides cozy warmth during chilly evenings but also lends an irresistible charm to your outdoor gatherings, whether it’s a starlit night or a sunny afternoon.

The Artis BH Outdoor Open Fireplace Series redefines outdoor living with its innovative, multipurpose design. These open fireplaces and BBQs combine elegant aesthetics and versatility to create the ultimate outdoor experience.

Sized To Suit Any Home

BH 70

Compact yet powerful outdoor fireplace with the ability to transform into an open grill BBQ. Perfect for cozy gatherings providing warmth and delectable grilling experiences in smaller outdoor spaces.Become the ultimate entertainer this Summer with the BH 70.

BH 80

Versatile mid-range model in the Artis BH Open Series. With a spacious 80cm-wide firebox and grill, it strikes the ideal balance between size and functionality. It’s perfect for hosting larger gatherings and creating a captivating outdoor ambiance.

BH 100

Flagship of the Artis BH Open Series, offering an expansive 100cm-wide firebox and BBQ grill. This premium model is designed for those who demand the very best in outdoor living, providing ample space for cooking gourmet meals and creating a captivating atmosphere for unforgettable moments.


Transform Your Space Into An
Outdoor Oasis

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